Course Descriptions

Psychosocial Health

I. HSC-552: Mental Health Epidemiology & Determinants

This course will look into the epidemiology of major mental disorders of childhood, adulthood and late adult life. It will also explore how the course of various mental health illnesses relate to the lives of individuals in the contexts of quality of life and functional performances and how various elemental of the society affect occurrences and outcomes of mental illnesses.
Topics to be covered include:
Introduction to mental health and illnesses; Epidemiology of mental disorders; Burden of mental disorders; Treatments and interventions of mental disorders; Child mental health epidemiology, prevention and promotion; Universal challenges
i. Vikram Patel, Harry Minas, Alex Cohen, and Martin J. Prince: Global Mental Health. Principles and Practice, .OUP USA, 2013, 978-0-19-992018-1.
ii. Ming T. Tsuang, Mauricio Tohen, Peter B. Jones: Textbook in Psychiatric Epidemiology, 3 Edition, 2011, ISBN: 9780470694671.
iii. The WHO World Mental Health Surveys: Global Perspectives on the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders. Ronald C. Kessler(Editor), T. BedirhanUstun (Editor).

II. HSC-553: Mental Health Systems, Policy & Law

This course will look into mental health history and evolution of mental health systems and services over time. It will highlight emerging mental health and criminal justice policy-related issues and provide a model for the development and implementation of mental health and criminal justice policies that most effectively address the prevention, diversion and treatment/rehabilitation needs of people with mental illness.
Topics to be covered include:
Mental health reform; Origins of stigma and historical legacy; Integrating mental health into primary care; The balanced care model ; Context and social process of mental health treatment ; Leadership for mental health system development; The international observatory of mental health systems; Mental health policy and law across countries.
i. Michael Dudley, Derrick Silove, and Fran Gale:Mental Health and Human Rights.Vision, praxis, and courage, June 2012, 978-0-19-921396-2
ii. Lawrence Gostin, Jean McHale, Philip Fennell, Ronald D. Mackay, and Peter Bartlett:Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy, March 2010,978-0-19-927936-4.

III. HSC-554: Society Culture & Mental Health

This course explores and reveals the diverse effects of culture and society on mental health, mental illness, and mental health services. The diverse range of cultures and individual variations bears upon what people bring to the clinical setting, while cultures of the clinician and the service system shape the interaction with the mental health consumer through diagnosis and treatment. This understanding is key to developing mental health services that are more responsive to the cultural and social contexts of racial and ethnic minorities. It looks at the culture of the patient, the culture of the clinician, and the specialty in which the clinician works using case studies to illustrate the diverse patterns and impact of society and culture on mental health and illness.
Topics to be covered include:
Social and transcultural psychiatry; Culture of the patient; Culture of the clinician; Culture society and mental health services; Racism, discrimination and mental health; Cultural Factors in Schizophrenic Psychoses; Cultural Factors in depressive disorders; Social Change and Psychopathology; "Culture-bound Syndromes"
i. Lois A. Ritter; Shirley Manly Lampkin: Community Mental Health, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2011.
ii. Jerry Tew: Social Perspectives in Mental Health: Developing Social Models to Understand and Work with Mental Distress: Jessica Kingsley publishers, 2005.

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