Course Descriptions

HSC-575: Thesis

All MPH students, in partial fulfillment of the requirement of their Master’s degree in Public Health at IUB must complete a culminating project or thesis which will involve writing a significant research paper on an issue of public health importance. This project/thesis will involve relevant field work and use of secondary data and may involve some primary data collection as well.

The final project will start after successful completion of their mandatory coursework and electives. During their course work, students‘interests will be identified and accordingly, they will be matched with an appropriate faculty advisor with whom they will meet on a regular basis. Students will have access to a variety of Private, Government, and Non-Government field work / training opportunities for their final project/thesis work, including UN and other multi-lateral agencies (World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc)

Students are required to produce a substantial analytical report and make a formal presentation of their report to an expert group of 3-4 members as partial fulfillment of their requirement for the M.P.H. degree.

Assigned advisor will allocate the whole thesis work into two part that is thesis part- I and thesis part-II.