Course Descriptions

HSC 533: Biostatistics I

The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic principles and methods of statistics that are relevant to public health.

Topics to be covered in HSC-502A include :
Purpose, function and place of statistics in Public Health research; Collection and Classification of data; Variables and parameters; Tabular and Graphic Presentation of data; Rates, Proportions and ratios; Frequency distribution and graphic presentations; Measures of central tendencies; mean, mode and median in grouped and ungrouped data, deciles, quartiles and percentiles; Measures of dispersion: Range, , Mean Deviation, Quartile deviation, Standard Deviation, Variance, co-efficient of Variation, Skew ness, Kurtosis etc; Introduction to Probability, Discrete Probability Distributions, Continuous Probability Distribution, Correlation and regression;
Computer packages will be used throughout the course; and students will learn how to use data analysis software (SPSS, STATA).

i. B. Burt Gerstman: Basic Biostatistics: Statistics for Public Health Practice:Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2008.
ii. Stanton A. Glantz: Primer of Biostatistics: McGraw Hill Professional, 6 Edition, 2005.

HSC 533: Biostatistics I

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