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I am privileged to have done my MPH from IUB. It has greatly enhanced my skills and output at my work place.
Note: Mr. Shale Ahmed, Executive Director, Bandhu Social Welfare Society has been awarded the prestigious “International Ashoka Fellowship” for significant contribution to improve sexual and reproductive health of MSM (male having sex with male), transgender and their right in Bangladesh
Shale Ahmed
Executive Director, Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS)
IUB ID # 0614005
Session: 2006-07

My year in IUB was amazing. It taught me how to be independent and self-motivated. The MPH course was challenging academically but was not overly difficult.  All the expectations I had were not only met but were exceeded.
Dr. Masuda Mohsena,
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, Ibrahim Medical College, Dhaka
IUB ID # 0514008
Session: 2005-06

In the last five years I have evaluated and monitored mHealth services in Bangladesh and coordinated the formative research of Aponjon service (first national mHealth service in Bangladesh) implemented by Dnet. I have also contributed in preparing the joint publication of Aponjon report with Johns Hopkins University team.
The MPH program at IUB has greatly facilitated learning and brought out the best in me.
Mafruha Alam
Currently a Doctoral student at Research, School of Public Health, Australian National University, Australia
IUB ID # 0814004

Session: 2008-09

IUB MPH program had students and faculty from multidisciplinary backgrounds and had good sharing and exchange of knowledge, skill and experiences which made it a memorable one.
Hasnain Sabih Nayak,
Country Director, HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Country Office,Hope Hospital & Training Complex, Chainda, Ramu, Cox's Bazar
IUB ID # 0714005

Session: 2007-08

The mph program at IUB literally opened up a new horizon in my life. Before the MPH program and meeting people like Professor Omar Rahman, Dr Rita Yusuf, Professor Kamal and many others, I was a hard-working, studious, Bangladeshi physician who only viewed life and every problems in life through the lens of biomedicine. It is through the MPH program that I have learned to gain the actual & holistic perspectives beyond the bio-medical model. Thanks to MPH program at IUB. 
Dr Farhana Haque,
Assistant scientist, CCD, ICDDR, B & Outbreak Investigation Officer, IEDCR, ICDDR, B
IUB ID # 0714013
Session: 2007-08

I would recommend this MPH course to anyone who wants to be a public health specialist. As a foreign student, I was able to meet many colleagues and teachers from various backgrounds. It was definitely the most precious experience in Bangladesh. 
Jinsoo Min,
Clinical Fellow (PUL&CCM), Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

IUB ID # 1211289
Session: 2012-13

My experience while doing my MPH at IUB was excellent. I still miss the academic environment very much. All of our teachers and colleagues were very helpful & friendly.
Dr. Afroza Akter,
Research Investigator, Enteric Vaccines (Immunology Unit), Center for Vaccine Science, ICDDR’B
IUB ID # 1110961
Session: 2011-12

I am IUB-MPH alumnus from the first batch. Faculty members were highly knowledgeable and experienced.Teaching method and level of effort was fantastic and appreciative particularly Professor Omar Rahman and Abul Kalam Azad sir. Huge facilities for student to improve technical expertise (i.e. data analysis, statistical software use) at computer lab and immense scope to develop knowledge other than class rooms (i.e. number of seminar, workshop).
Sardar Arif Uddin,
Development Consultant
IUB ID # 0514024

Session: 2005-06

The MPH program at IUB in my judgment is one the best MPH courses in Bangladesh. I am truly thankful to everyone who has been a source of learning for me at IUB.  
Dr. Heun Guyn Jung,
Director, Karamtola Christian Hospital, Pubail, Gazipur, Bangladesh
IUB ID: 1311022

Session: 2013-14

During the MPH course we received whole hearted support, cooperation and encouragement from our teachers and other supporting staff. I would like to thank Vice Chancellor Professor M. Omar Rahman for his valuable advice and encouragement throughout the course despite his busy schedule. I hope, the upgraded course will provide students more opportunity to learn more. 
Md. Zakir Hossain Khandker
Director General, Performance Audit Directorate

IUB ID # 1211290
Session: 2012-13

The MPH Program of IUB is a well executed and professionally structured program which is suitable for all backgrounds. I found the resources available to the students to be of the highest standards, and the program management and course instructors were always willing to help the students to achieve their goals. The knowledge and experience I gained from the program are invaluable.
Rahat Bari Tooheen,
Assistant Professor, School of Business (SB), Coordinator, Office of International Affairs, Faculty-In-Charge, The Environment Club, Chittagong Independent University (CIU)
IUB ID # 0020510

Session: 2005-06

I am happy that I completed my MPH from IUB. The overall learning environment and the faculty members of the program were helpful and friendly. I learned a lot from here which greatly assisted in developing my research knowledge. 
Md. Hafizur Rahman Numan,
Research Officer, Center for Communicable Diseases, ICDDR’B, Dhaka, Bangladesh

IUB ID # 1110967
Session: 2011-12

I thoroughly enjoyed the program as it was designed in a way that explored the inner queries for a new search of knowledge pertinent to public health domain. The faculty members were highly experienced in the relevant area and devoted to meet the requirements of each of the students.
Dr. Abdul Kuddus,
Project Manager, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh
IUB ID # 0210139

Session: 2006-07

I feel proud to be an iubian. The MPH course at IUB was appropriate in terms of its curriculum design which was helpful for health professional development. All, course materials and faculty members were of international standard. I have been enormously benefited to develop my carrier by doing my MPH from IUB.
Sheikh Khalid Zaman,
Town Manager, UPPR Project, UNDP Bangladesh
IUB ID # 1014009
Session: 2010-11

Iam very happy to know that IUB – MPH program is getting upgraded from 33 to 52 credits. I have been highly benefited in my professional career by doing my MPH from IUB. Professor Omar Rahman’s guide throughout the course was an extremely valuable. I highly recommend the upgraded 52 credit course to all prospective students who wish to enroll to a MPH program in Bangladesh
Parveen Sultana Rabbi,
Trainer, Press institute of Bangladesh

IUB ID # 1211298
Session: 2012-13

The MPH program at IUB is worth recommending for plausible students in Bangladesh.
Shaikh Mehdi Hasan
Research Investigator, ICDDR, B
IUB ID # 0814006
Session: 2008-09

IUB-MPH program has enhanced my presentation skills as well as helps me a lot for my self-development. I am really grateful to IUB. It was a great journey with this program.  All are cooperative here. I wish every success of this program.
Md. Rayhan Mostak
Programme Coordinator, IMCN, World Food Programme, Shushilan, Satkhira.

IUB ID # 1321748
Session: 2012-13