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Alumni List

Alumni List Batch 1 (2005-06)

Description: 0514008 Masuda Mohesena.jpg

Name: Masuda Mohsena
Educational Qualifications: PhD in Human Epidemiology Nutrition Growth Ecology (HENGE) Research Group (University of Cambridge, UK);  M.Phil in Biological Anthropological Science (University of Cambridge, UK); MPH in Population and Reproductive Health (IUB); MSc in Health Economics (University of Dhaka); Diploma in Health Economics (University of Dhaka); MBBS (Sir Salimullah Medical College)
Designation: Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Ibrahim Medical College.
IUB ID # 0514008
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514001 Selina Akhter.jpg

Name: Selina Akhter
Educational Qualifications: LLB; MPH in Reproductive Health (IUB); MBBS (Dhaka Medical College)
Designation: Chief Medical Offer, Medical Service Unit, National University.
IUB ID # 0514001
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0020510 Rahat Bari Tooheen.jpg

Name: Rahat Bari Tooheen
Educational Qualifications: MDM (BRAC University); MPH in Population and Reproductive Health (IUB); BSc in Population Environment (IUB)
Designation: Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Environment Science and Management, Chittagong Independent University
IUB ID # 0020510
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514005 Syed Z Iqbal.jpg

Name: Syed Zafor Iqbal
Educational Qualifications: MPH in Population and Reproductive Health (IUB); MCom & BCom (National University)
Designation: General Manager, (STCL & DPCL) Dana Group
IUB ID # 0514005
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514024 Sarder Arif Uddin.jpg

Name: Sardar Arif Uddin
Educational Qualifications: MPS; LLB; DPS; MPH in Population and Reproductive Health (IUB); MSS & BSS in Anthropology (Jahangirnagar University)
Designation: Director-Policy and Advocacy, WaterAid Bangladesh
IUB ID # 0514024
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514021 Farzana Khan.jpg

Name: Farzana Khan
Educational Qualifications: PhD Student; MPH (IUB); MBBS (Chittagong Medical College)
Designation: Medical Officer, Centre for Palliative Care, BSMMU
IUB ID # 0514021
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514006 Nadira Sultana.jpg

Name: Nadira Sultana
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MBBS (Bangladesh Medical College)
Designation: Research Coordinator, James P. Grants School of Public Health, BRAC University
IUB ID # 0514006
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514022 Shah Alam Siddique.jpg

Name: Shah Alam Siddique
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MS, BSc in Agricultural Economics (Bangladesh Agriculture University)
Designation: Senior Research Officer, ICDDR’B
IUB ID # 0514022
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514028 Shima Sultana.jpg

Name: Shima Sultana
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); BHMS (Govt. Homeopathic College)
Designation: Field Research Officer, IMCI, ICDDR’B
IUB ID # 0514028
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514002 Md. Abul Kalam Azad.jpg

Name: Kazi Md. Abul Kalam Azad
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MSc & BSc in Statistics (Dhaka University)
Currently lives in Canada
IUB ID # 0514002
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514007 Ahmed Talat Haider.jpg

Name: Ahmed Talat Haider
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MBBS (Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College)
Currently lives in Canada
IUB ID # 0514007
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514027 Jesmin Zaman.jpg

Name: Jesmin Zaman
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MBBS (Dhaka Medical College)
Currently lives in USA
IUB ID # 0514027
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0120005 Sareeta Haidar.jpg

Name: Sareeta Haider
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); BSc in Environmental Sciences (IUB)
IUB ID # 0120005
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514012 Mafuja Alam Chaklader.jpg

Name: Mahfuza Alam Chaklader
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MBBS (Medical College for Women and Hospital)
IUB ID # 0514012
Session: 2005-06


Description: 0514019 Tanzira Noor.jpg

Name: Tanzira Noor
Educational Qualifications: MPH (IUB); MSc & BSc in Nutrition (Dhaka University)
IUB ID # 0514019
Session: 2005-06